Patria Unforgettable Weddings

Take a journey with me and let me plan the perfect wedding of your dreams! truly unforgettable. There is nothing better than  sitting back and letting a professional take charge of the most memorable day of your life,simply Hassle and Stress free. Your wedding experience is meant to be enjoyable so why not enjoy it all.
  1. Wedding Planning Services
    Our company under take the responsibility of planning the entire Big Day. This includes invitations, guest list, vendors, the reception and everything that will enable a perfect and unforgettable wedding for the Bride & Groom. Persons who prefer the planning of the reception only this too can be also arrange.
  2. Consultation Services
    Patria Unforgettable Weddings provide one time face to face consultation for a reasonable fee. No matter where you live around the world you can also opt for online consultation sessions via Skype at a relatively low cost.
  3. Renewal Of Vows & Anniversary Services
    Our company also provide planning services for renewal of vows and also to celebrate your anniversary. Nothing is more touching than to see a couple confessing their everlasting love for each other.
  4. Budgeting Services
    Our company provide bugeting sessions for all couples who decided to plan their wedding on they own. This basically helps to eliminate any hiccups or major financial issues or conflicts which can arises during the planning stage. Online Budgeting Service is also provide via Skype at a relatively low cost.
  5. Destination Weddings
    Couples who prefer to "Tie the Knot" in our beautiful tropical Island of Barbados that can also be arrange. We would make all the preparation so you can remember this moment forever.
  6. Rentals
    We also rent white beautiful wedding folding chairs.